Conferences and Talks

M. de Radouay, 'Remarques sur la navigation' (Paris, 1727)
M. de Radouay, ‘Remarques sur la navigation’ (Paris, 1727)

Selected Presentations

* Panel commentator, “Did Women Have A Maritime World?: Gender and Seafaring in the Early Modern Period,” 19th Berkshire Conference, Santa Clara, CA, June 29, 2023.
* “Crafting Worldviews: Art and Science in Europe, 1500–1800” Symposium, Yale University Art Museum (Feb. 24, 2023)
* EGR Taylor Lecture, Royal Geographic Society (Oct. 8, 2020)
* John Seltzer and Mark Seltzer Memorial Lecture, Fisher Library, University of Toronto (Nov. 5, 2020)